Interactive workshops to help you do more yourself

We offer a range of workshops to give you the tools and techniques to be able to do more by yourself

We provide in-person workshops and online webinars, ranging from 60 minute introduction seminars to full-day interactive workshops. The aim of these workshops is to provide you with the techniques and tools needed so that you can accomplish more in your role.

Online webinars are usually introductions to topics and are generally delivered free of charge, while the in-person workshops will have varying costs, depending on who we are partnering with to run them and what other funding is available. Selected templates, examples and workbooks from our range of resources may be provided as part of the workshops, at no additional cost. The workshops are designed for NFPs and are customised for each audience.  

The topics below are the three main theme areas of our current workshop series. Contact us now to find out what workshop are scheduled either online or in your area.

Strategic IT Planning

This Workshop includes ways to assess your organisation and helps you map out a clear way forward.

IT Risk Management

This workshop helps you to assess and pinpoint your IT weaknesses and risks to your organisation.

Current Workshop Series: Privacy Act 2020

The current workshops that we have running are part of the IT Risk Management series and are specifically on the revised Privacy Act 2020 and what it means for your IT Systems.

We run workshops across the central North Island - if you are interested in attending, fill out the form below and we'll confirm what's coming up in your area.

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