Independent Advice

This assessment is all about understanding your organisation and then developing a clear way forward.

When getting advice on what you should do with your IT, it is often coming from someone who is trying to sell you something. How do you know if it is the right thing to do and will it be good value for your money?

We can provide your organisation with professional, independent and impartial advice on your IT systems and overall strategies. This is aimed at board members and others in the organisation responsible for making key decisions on the direction to take, and can be used to review proposals from suppliers, or run an entire vendor selection process for you.

You will get advice that is easy to understand and weighs up all the options for you, from an independent perspective.

What you get

Impartial review of proposals.

Translation and interpretation of technical jargon to plain language.

Comparisons to industry standards and market pricing.

What other options may be applicable.

Requirements gathering and documentation.

Running ‘Request for Information’ or ‘Request for Proposal’ processes.

Independent advice on solution options.

Infrastructure replacements, solution projects and service/support agreement.

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