Covid Response Planning

This workshop is about understanding what the new normal looks like and how IT can help your organisation.

Many organisations have faced struggles that they never thought they would have to. We are now living in a new normal, so what does that mean for your organisation?

Do you have costs that can be trimmed?
What can you do to expand in other ways?
What are your plans to get through all of this?
What part will technology play in your ongoing overall plan?

Technology is being used by many organisations to deal with the new situations we find ourselves in and you need a plan to make the most out of technology in your organisation. 

What you will learn

Review of organisational structure, products and services.

Review of the people, processes, tools and technology within the organisation.

Review of your current IT spend.

Identify any costs that can be reduced or any alternate approaches.

Review the part technology plays in the organisation.

Review any immediate requirements or issues that technology can assist with.

Review growth plans and how technology can help.

Document recommendations and technology plan.

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