Our "Why"

It has been said that if you can combine the following four elements, then you are on your way to the perfect job and a life of career fulfilment.

This is the combination of my four elements:

What I love doing

While I have been in the IT industry for over 30 years, what I really love is seeing the improvements made to organisations that the use of technology can bring, rather than just loving the technology itself. There is an enormous sense of satisfaction and pride when you help someone go from a system that is slow, cumbersome and difficult to use, to something that it easy, works well and people enjoy using. Helping organisations improve themselves, by using my skills, experience and knowledge of IT systems, is what I love doing.

What the world needs

Throughout my career I have worked with businesses, including large corporations, Small and Medium Businesses and Not for Profits and Charities. The large commercial corporations are all focused on generating the best return they can for their shareholders and they have their own internal IT teams, so they don’t really need my help. There are many Not for Profits and Charities who are doing genuine, good work, for the betterment of our community and country as a whole. While these organisations have the best intentions, they don’t always have the necessary skills or experience on their board to understand their IT requirements, or know how IT can really help the organisation. The world needs these Not for Profits and Charities, and they need my help to understand and manage their IT requirements.

What I am good at

The 30 years I have been in the IT industry has given me lots of experience with different technologies, but what I am really good at is understand the people and the processes in an organisation, to then be able to work out how the technology can help them. Documentation and writing plans or reports has always been something that I have been good at. One of my best skills is to take all the technical terms, jargon and IT acronyms, and translate that into plain English language that people at all levels in an organisation can understand, whether they are first time users or board members making key decisions. Helping organisations understand and use technology better, is what I am good at.

What I can be paid for

The services I provide have benefit for organisations and can help to ensure that any large investment in IT is made for the right reasons and with the correct solution. In many cases, the cost for my services is offset by savings made in the overall management of the IT. While I do charge for my work, as an independent consultant I have lower cost structure and can offer my services at a lower cost than that of large IT companies. The rates I have for Not for Profit and Charities is lower than that I would normally charge commercial businesses, which is a reflection on the type of organisations they are. There are also things like workshops and resources that I provide to Not for Profits and Charities at no-charge. What I can be paid for, is the expertise and experience that I bring to organisations, who don’t have these capabilities as part of their existing team.

This has all led me to what I am doing now…

Specialising in providing IT consulting to Not for Profit and Charity Organisations, to help them understand and manage their IT in a better way.

While I do charge for my services, I believe that it is good value for money and a worthwhile service for Not for Profits and Charites. It will help the board members understand their options better and ensure that when they do spend on IT, it is done wisely, with understanding of requirements and options, and is taking the organisation closer to its goals.

My purpose here is to help others to do their jobs better, so that together, we can all achieve more. I achieve this by utilising the skills and experience I have gained from over 30 years in IT, to provide knowledge and advice to the directors and leaders of organisations, who don’t have those skillsets in their own teams. 

About AdviseIT

AdviseIT is a part of Effective IT Ltd and was setup specifically to meet the needs of Not For Profits and Charitable Organisations.

Effective IT Ltd has been providing consultancy services to small and medium New Zealand businesses since 2011. During this time, there have been tools and processes developed to help businesses understand and manage their IT in more effective ways.

Owner and Director of Effective IT Ltd, Brendan Gray, has recognised that there are many Not For Profit organisations that have the same needs as commercial businesses, but don't always have the same budgets available to them. AdviseIT was setup to provide services, tools and workshops to NFPs, at a cost structure that fits with the type of organisations they are.  

AdviseIT is focused on providing NFPs with the strategic IT advise that Board Members, Trustees and Management require, so that they can make more informed decision on where they need to spend their valuable IT dollar.  

It is also important that those running an organisation understand and manage all the risks to the organisation appropriately. IT risks are a big part of this and a lot of the work that AdviseIT does is helping people understand their IT and Data risks and manage them effectively.

About Brendan

  • Has been in the IT Industry since 1987 and has seen first-hand the changes and advances in technology
  • Gained a Diploma in Computer Engineering before working in Wellington as a hardware engineer, installing and supporting computers for a leading PC reseller.  
  • Spent several years contracting, both in New Zealand and London, providing IT support and working on projects for large businesses and corporations. 
  • Worked as a Services Manager for five years, leading an IT team based in the Hawkes Bay. 
  • A move to Tauranga saw a move to a Consultancy role, before becoming a Technical Account Manager, providing the best solutions and services to a variety of mid-range sized clients. 
  • Now owns and operates Effective IT Ltd, which is focused on helping small and medium businesses and AdviseIT which works with Not for Profits and Boards to deliver strategic IT planning, risk assessments and mitigations, and Covid Response Recovery planning.
  • Runs workshops and develops resources for small to medium business and NFPs to develop their own planning outcomes. 
  • Public speaker on IT.